Critical for operating machinery and maintaining reliability, machine reliability relies on the right methods of grease lubrication, at the right time, in the right amount and with the right type of grease. Improper greasing is the leading cause of breakdowns in heavy machinery. Any mistake in the grease maintenance process could cost operations millions in downtime.


Did you know that 70% of machinery failures are related to improper grease lubrication? Correct lubrication is vital to the maintenance of the overall integrity and reliability of your equipment.

The bearing is the rotating core of the machine. Bearings can last a lifetime when abrasive contaminants are kept out of equipment. Bearing and other rotating components require adequate lube film thickness to separate the machinery components thus diminishing wear and reducing ongoing maintenance needs. Often overlooked and incorrectly perceived as an ‘added benefit’, lubricating oil plays a crucial role in maintaining bearing and machinery function and longevity. Oiling and greasing minimise the wear of machinery components, assists in absorbing shock, seals and protects components, diminishes friction between stationary and rotating parts and assists with keeping operating temperatures at optimal levels.

In addition, effective lubrication systems minimise corrosion of metal surfaces and keeps contaminants out of the lubricant and the machinery which reduces wear and equipment failures thus resulting in reduced costs and unplanned downtime.

Machine reliability relies on several factors such as; the right methods of lubrication, the right quantities and type of grease and the correct procedures by a well-trained technician so as to maximise performance and operating life of the machinery.

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A plant’s lubrication practices have a direct impact on plant and equipment reliability. When a lubricant is working at optimal efficiency, overall reliability of the machinery will be significantly increased. It is essential for machinery to protect and maintain a good lubrication viscosity.

It does not take long before improper lubrication has insurmountable financial costs to your business. A study by Des-Case about The True Cost of Poor Lubrication found that poor lubrication has an impact of 15 percent of a plant’s total maintenance cost each year. On average, maintenance costs equate to $20 million annually, $3.5 million of those arise from issues around improper lubrication, and about half of that could be addressed immediately with an efficient lubrication system in place. The correct application of grease ensures first class machine reliability so it is worth investing in the future of your company by investing in reliable greasing equipment and efficient maintenance planners.


Even just a small improvement in your lubrication system will have a massive positive impact on your overall grease maintenance and machine reliability – but why not go all the way and leave the stress of improper lubrication, unplanned downtime and financial liability behind you? GreaseBoss can take you there. A durable, rugged design with WIFI and SIM card connectivity, a simple user interface, QuickFit technology and retrofittable to your existing grease guns, GreaseBoss simplifies the lubrication process and assists in maintaining an efficient lubrication system and maintenance program by securely capturing and storing your grease data on the GreaseCloud. Ensuring your operations are running at optimal efficiency, GreaseBoss presents you with your grease analytics on volume pumped, compliance with a work plan and total consumption right down to the individual nipple so your team can focus on other aspects of the job.

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Greaseboss can solve your greasing problems

The life of machinery is the lubricants. With the right techniques and technologies, it is possible to see a real return on investment from your grease maintenance efforts. GreaseBoss smart technology can improve reliability, reduce operator error and automate grease data collection, providing you with total peace of mind knowing that your lubricating needs are taken care of.